On October 15th – Re-Elect Lee-Ann Tiede


for students, for families, for community and for our future

Lee-Ann Tiede is a returning candidate for the role of School Trustee, and she brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Board table. With two terms (8 years) as a School Trustee, she understands our students, our schools and the important role they play. Let’s keep her working as a School Trustee, so we can continue School District #23’s successes and refine the areas that need improvement.


About Lee-Ann Tiede

Lee-Ann knows the importance of building community and appreciating diversity. Most importantly, she knows that education changes everything – for students, for families, for community and for our future.

As the daughter of a financial planner and a teacher, she started out as a Trustee with a great understanding of a wide range of aspects of the Board of Education. From her father, she learned the importance of financial management whether it is for families or school districts, and its place in defining future opportunities or challenges based on decisions we make today. She understands Board management and accountability. From her mother, she learned that education is fundamental to achieving our dreams – both personal and collective.

It is the path that creates successful careers, strong communities, and effective governing bodies.

With her Professional Facility Management designation, Lee-Ann brings insight into the operations of facilities and the inner workings of our brick-and-mortar spaces. Her business acumen guides her through the many variables of doing the business of schools. From her background in the tech industry, decades of experience in business administration, and the art of building relationships, Lee-Ann has insights that bring value to all aspects of a trustee’s role.

Education Changes Everything

With the pace of change that our children are facing these days, building the capacity to learn, leverage and listen to those around us is imperative to a healthy, vibrant community. Lee-Ann deeply understands the importance of accountability, good governance and the power of leadership. She listens to parents, students and members of our community on what is important to all of us. What Lee-Ann is hearing is that it is time for Boards of Education to return to the issues that unite us – the students – and truly focus on their growth, health, education and future.

Lee-Ann has been a leading voice for experiential learning, investing in the lives of international students staying in the Tiede home, and investing in the lives of her own children’s education. Even though they are all adults now, Lee-Ann and her husband diligently found experiential learning opportunities for their children in creative ways, including travelling to Nepal to work in an orphanage as well as build a church and infrastructure for a remote village, to introduce their family to different cultures, norms, and perspectives – to experience the world through the eyes of others with generosity, understanding and kindness. This changed Lee-Ann’s understanding of education – it is an experience, not just going to class.

Lee-Ann has first-hand knowledge of the trust that parents place in the school system, the indispensable role of teachers, the choices that parents make in the best interest of their children, that value of education for the future of her children, and the frustrations that can arise to serve and support all children in our school district.

Lee-Ann brings fair, thoughtful, and comprehensive perspective to the Central Okanagan Board of Education. Let’s show her our support and keep her voice at the table.

On October 15th – vote for Lee-Ann Tiede.

Students First

Excellence in Education

British Columbia has received worldwide recognition for our excellence in the education that we provide for our students, and the great opportunities we offer. Lee-Ann will continue the work she has done over the past eight years on the board, working together with all trustees and district staff, on the implementation of provincial and local education programs, to accommodate student access and achievement. Making sure that we continue to provide quality education through outstanding programs is priority number one.

Space Needs

Our district staff do a great job working to keep our learning spaces clean, healthy and safe for students, however the amount of learning spaces that our students spend their school days in is currently far below acceptable capacity levels. With our district rising beyond 105% capacity and even more portables being purchased to accommodate our growing district this year, Lee-Ann will continue to join forces with trustees, staff and MLAs to advocate to the ministry for building approvals and the funding to provide more permanent school-based spaces and reduce our need for portables throughout the district.

One of Lee-Ann’s favourite roles on the Board of Education is being on the Planning & Facilities Committee. With her Professional Facilities Management (ProFM) designation, Lee-Ann has an in-depth understanding of the brick and mortar schools throughout this growing district and is passionate about the innovation, design and function of all of our schools. School District 23 is committed to building award winning schools with safety, learning communities, innovation & inspiring design that enhances learning.

There is much work to be done with our aging schools, and when we finally move ahead on those projects, Lee-Ann is confident that it will be done with excellence, and to the highest standard as we have seen in all of our new building projects & our most recent award winning school, HS Grenda Middle School in Lake Country.

Prioritize the authority of parents

Respect parents’ right to raise their children the way they want to

Raising children is no easy task at the best of times, and over the past eight years as a trustee Lee-Ann has heard from parents on numerous occasions that there is a need for the district to increase its focus on prioritizing the authority of parents. We as a district need to respect parents’ right to raise their children the way they want to. In addition, parents have voiced a desire to build a greater alliance with district staff to teach children and adolescences respect for themselves as well as respecting their parents, teachers, guardians, and elders.

Fiscal Responsibilities & Stewardship

Doing the business of schools

Trustees have significant responsibilities throughout the district as they co-govern with the Ministry of Education and Child Care. Fiscal responsibility and stewardship of the funds allocated to our district are a very high priority. With an annual budget exceeding $303 million, 4,000 employees, 47 schools, an online learning component, various academies and programs throughout the district, the board of trustees must maintain its accountability to parents, taxpayers, the community and to the province.

Lee-Ann brings a great deal of business acumen to the table and will continue to provide leadership during audits and budget reviews. She has chaired the Finance & Audit Committee, the Policy Committee and the Education & Student Services Committee, and will continue to work with trustees, staff and partner groups on the business of schools to carry on the great work being done during the course of the upcoming term.

Community Values

Listening to our community

Trustees are responsible for setting education polices that reflect the aspirations of the community and that are consistent with overall provincial guidelines, while also working together with parents, partner groups and social service agencies in the delivery of non-educational support services to students.

It is imperative that the board establishes processes and provides opportunities for community engagement. Lee-Ann will continue to listen to our community and welcomes questions, comments and input on all subjects pertaining to our schools and educational programs and services. Lee-Ann asks community members:

  • What are we getting right as a school district?
  • Where do we need to improve?
  • What change would you like to see in our district over the next 4 years?

Lee-Ann can be reached at

Voting Information

Your Vote Matters

To vote in the election, you must be:

  • 18 years of age or older on October 15, 2022;
  • a Canadian citizen;
  • a resident of BC for at least 6 months before the day you register to vote;
  • a resident of the City of Kelowna or a qualified non-resident property elector; and
  • not disqualified from voting.

Eligible voters may vote at one of the in-person voting opportunities or by mail ballot.

To find out more about voting in local elections and read the Voter’s Guide to Local Elections in BC. The City of Kelowna does not use a voters list.  All voters must register at the time of voting.

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  • October 5, 2022 is the advanced voting day
  • October 15, 2022 is the general voting day

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